The miracle behind talking



Inasmuch, some people like to talk about their problems/ vent it out, others prefer to keep it inside. People who avoid discussing their issues with others do that for reasons best known for them. One major reason why they don’t like talking about their troubles is the rise of rumour-mongers.

Rumour mongers are known to make things worse. There is a saying; a problem shared is a problem half-solved. I think it’s a problem shared with the right person that really makes it half solved and not just with anybody.


You see somebody feeling low

Talk to them, help them see the light.

Let your words/idea be the reason they will want to stand up again after sobbing.



A word can save

A word can heal





Taking Risks on Valentine’s Day

Honeymoon couple romantic in love at beach sunset. Newlywed happ


He forgot the flowers

She left her earrings



The menu was all wrong

The pimples on his face can be easily seen


But they managed to get through the date

Looking only at each other

Ignoring all the flaws

Because they were madly in love.

Bad Mothers and their kids after

Not all stories portray the abundant love, and comforting hug mothers are known to give freely.

Everyday, people come out to say that their experience was not as cool as yours and you begin to ponder; ‘how could a mom do such a thing?’ I thought all mothers were loving and supportive’. 
Maybe I was wrong to have thought that way.
Some of those stories of neglect and emotional trauma revealed by victims are ugly and mind-disturbing and are as horrible as tragic films.  
You can only imagine what they must have been through!
Sharing this tales on this page might be bring back some sad memories. I don’t know if you’re ready for that.
Nevertheless they have to be shared so that others would be aware of how much evil some Mothers are made of.
So if you have any stories to tell whether from experience or an ordeal someone must have shared with you, please keep it short in the comment section. My readers can’t wait to read them.